Get rid of fleas and ticks with quality products like Advantix, Advantage, Frontline, Revolution and Comfortis.

The next thing to take care of is heartworm prevention, using chewable tablets, daily or monthly tablets, spot-on formulas or yearly injections. Parasitic infections can be eliminated by using Advantage Multi, Trifexis, Revolution and Advantage multi.

You can use extra chews to improve dental health in your pet. Aquadent is an additive used in water for oral hygiene management in dogs and cats above six months and Nolvadent is an oral rinse. Greenies are dental chews that improve dental hygiene. Chlorhex rinse works well in cases of gingivitis.

Arthritis may be prevented in your pet by using joint supplements like Synovial Flex, in the form of chewable tablets. Cosequin also helps joint and hip problems and Dasuquin is the most subscribed drug for joint problems in dogs.

Monitoring your dog for thyroid problems is also important. In cases of hypothyroidism, pets get lethargic and demonstrate general weaknesses. After a diagnosis is confirmed by your vet, you may use thyroid hormone to bring your pet back to normalcy. In addition, antioxidants like Welactin, containing omega-3 fatty acids, assist in maintenance of vision, coat and skin.

Urinary infections in dogs are a result of infection of the bladder and in some cases the infection is isolated to the kindneys, urethra or ureter. Proin is a chewable tablet that is used to tighten sphincter muscles in dogs to provide better control of the bladder.

Ear infections result from an infection from bacteria and yeast. You can use an ear cleaning solution to remove wax and dirt once a week. Bathe your pet at least once a week. Etiderm shampoo works well since it is an antiseptic shampoo and allergroom is a hypo-allergenic shampoo with spherulites. Epi-soothe shampoo is also good for pets with dry and sensitive skin, while Allermil shampoo contains anti-inflammatory components.

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