Is important to keep clean my dog or cat eyes

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Dogs and cats have retinas with rods and cones, just like humans. However, they can only see a muted version of colors and hues because the proportion of rods and cones are different. Dogs are not capable of viewing long distances with clarity.

Vetericyn ophthalmic may be used irritation in your pets eyes. It will also prevent burning, itching, stinging, and keep out foreign materials and pollutants. Eye hygiene in dogs and cats is important. Ocucan eye cleaner is great for their eyes well hydrated and clean and takes care of daily requirements for your pet’s eyes.

Pet tinic is a daily supplement containing iron. Pet Vision ophthalmic nutraceutical eye drops fights various types of cataracts in pets. Pet Vision eye drops lubricates your pet’s eyes for relief from cataracts in dogs and cats. Conjunctivitis is common among pets and is caused by bacteria that are inflamed by viruses, allergies, bacteria and household chemical cleaners.

Ocular infection in pets may be treated by Neo Poly Dex, an eye antibiotic for cats and dogs. It also reduced swelling around the eyes. Another good ointment for treating bacterial infections and inflammation covering the eye is Neo Poly Bac. Optimmune is another eye lubricant that can be used in dogs and cats.

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