My dog is losing weight; what should I do?

Posted April 18th, 2013 by admin

It is always a good idea to monitor your dog for signs of poor health. Check to see if your dog has a warm, dry nose or a mucus-like discharge from the eyes, nose or any other place.

Your dog might also feel lethargic and has no interest in eating. Look out for signs of limping or lumps on the body. Excessive scratching, biting or licking a particular spot, sores, dark colouring on teeth, bad breath, dry skin, and a dirty coat are also signs of illness. Your dog may also experience a problem with getting up the morning. Your dog may also have trouble lying down.

Losing weight or gaining weight could also present problems. Diseases that cause weight loss include Lyme disease, valley fever and blastomycosis. It can also be caused by hormonal problems.

Enzymatic dog toothpaste and Nylabone dental chews are essential for preventing plaque build-up in your canine companion. To prevent iron deficiency in dogs, pet tinic may be used while pet tabs provide a broader spectrum of multi-vitamins.

Dasuquin and Cosequin take care of your dog’s joint health and Denamarin is a vitamin for liver function enhancement. Panakare aids digestion in cases where dogs have trouble with protein, carbohydrate and fat breakdown. If diarrhea is a problem, Diagel removes bacteria in the intestines, while fortiflora addresses acute and chronic diarrhea in dogs.

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