Ineffective Flea Monthly Preventative

Posted April 1st, 2013 by admin

There is a plethora of flea preventatives that offer protections to your dogs and other pets. The only problem is that several of these fail to serve their purpose. Many of these medicines claim promising results, but still parasites infest our pets.

The good thing is that there are also brands that can be trusted. All you need to do is find the right medicine for your dog or other pet. On top are these monthly flea preventatives: frontline, advantage, advantix, frontline spray, and adams spray.

Frontline, for example, offers a whole month of protection against ticks, chewing lice, and fleas. This medicine has proven to have 100% customer satisfaction. Frontline spray and adams spray are also available for your pet. All you need to is to get professional advice from your veterinarian.

Advantix and Advantage also offer a relatively high quality of pet protection. Just like the other three, these medicines offer a very comprehensive protection against common dog parasites like fleas. This gives your dogs a barrier against common diseases brought about by the parasites, and will ensure a happy life for your beloved pet.

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flea and tick

flea and tick

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