How to Tell if Your Dog Has Dermatitis

Posted March 22nd, 2013 by admin

Classified as a skin allergy medication, atopica alleviates itching, and is approved by the FDA. Early signs of skin allergies can include scratching, itching, skin infections, chewing, licking, hair loss, malodour, and lack of sleep. The product requires a prescription from a vet and is sold as atopica for dogs and atopica for cats.

When using atopia in dogs, the animal must be at least four pounds in weight and six months in age. This is because there can be serious adverse reactions to the drug in smaller or younger dogs. On the whole, atopica for dogs is meant for long term use without the negative effects of steroids. The common mode of action in atopica is to use it to target cells from the immune system that is associated with the allergic response.

When treating dogs and cats with dry itchy skin, etiderm shampoo is the product of choice. This is gentle antiseptic shampoo that refines your pet’s fur and creates a healthy and attractive coat. Containing keratoplastic, etiderm shampoo enables the protein keratin to thicken, and the process involves a slow release action so that its effect on the skin lasts longer. The shampoo may be used for cats and dogs to provide your pet with a healthy coat of fur, causing little or no irritation or drying.



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