How to Use Advantage Multi

Posted March 19th, 2013 by admin

If you’re looking for a medication that prevents fleas and heartworm in your cat or dog, advantage multi is a topical application that works. The ointment needs to be applied every month for best results. The application combines an insecticide called imidacloprid and an endectocide named moxidectin. These are the chemicals comprising advantage multi for dogs and advantage multi for cats.

Using advantage multi for dogs also takes care of hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms, while advantage multi for cats effectively controls roundworms, flea infestations, ear mites, and hookworms.

The components found inadvantage multi combine several treatments into one package, making it a convenient solution and an effective treatment of intestinal worms. The mechanism advantage multi uses to function is interrupting nerve transmissions, which causes the parasite to be destroyed.

An adverse effect from advantage multi for dogs and advantage multi for cats is individual sensitivity to pesticide products for pets. If the signs persist, it is best to consulta veterinarian.

Administering advantage multi through the skin makes it easier than an oral treatment. Be sure not to apply the ointment to irritated skin. Repeat a dose ofadvantage multi for dogs and advantage multi for cats each month to ensure effective preventive treatment. If you have questions about the product or about preventative treatments, contact your pharmacist or veterinarian.

Advantage multi

Advantage multi

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    How to Use Advantage Multi

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