For the general welfare of your pet, vaccinations offer protection from a variety of disease conditions. However, in some cases, like the yeast skin infections, medicines such as ketoconazole can have some side effects. However, the benefits of vaccination for serious diseases far outweigh the side effects that are mostly temporary. In some cases, side […]

Get rid of fleas and ticks with quality products like Advantix, Advantage, Frontline, Revolution and Comfortis. The next thing to take care of is heartworm prevention, using chewable tablets, daily or monthly tablets, spot-on formulas or yearly injections. Parasitic infections can be eliminated by using Advantage Multi, Trifexis, Revolution and Advantage multi. You can use […]

Dogs and cats have retinas with rods and cones, just like humans. However, they can only see a muted version of colors and hues because the proportion of rods and cones are different. Dogs are not capable of viewing long distances with clarity. Vetericyn ophthalmic may be used irritation in your pets eyes. It will […]

In general, vomiting in dogs and cats stem from irritability in the gastro-intestinal tract. However, many cases of vomiting in pets go undiagnosed. In cats, it is usually caused by ingesting hairballs. Sometimes, it may be caused by ingesting food too fast or from eating a new food source. Conditions such as obstruction in the […]