Three main things include Diabetes Mellitus Treatment. A treatment plan of insulin, diet and exercise is vitally important to your dog’s health. Insulin Insulin must be given to your dog by injection because it is a protein and it would become ineffective if given in tablet form. Insulin is given subcutaneous. The injections are not […]

Canine Coccidiosis

January 30th, 2013

Coccidiosis is disease produce by a microscopic parasite named Isospora spp. that reside in the intestines of dogs and cats; however rodents are also carriers of these parasites. Young pets are more susceptible to being infected with Isospora parasites. Coccidiosis is reported as a self limiting disease (can cure without treatment), but in young puppies […]

Canine Alopecia

January 29th, 2013

Canine alopecia means skin hair loss. It may be partial or complete hair loss in dogs. Partial hair loss is often localized to certain areas of the dog’s body. Alopecia it is not a disease by itself, but a syndrome that may involve several conditions as allergies, contact dermatitis, atopy, callus, mages, hormonal imbalances, etc. […]

Anxiety Symptoms in Dogs

January 28th, 2013

Canine anxiety symptoms aren’t easy to define because they vary widely from dog to dog, and many of them are very subtle. One of the most common symptoms that many dogs show is excessive barking. If your dog barks excessively and has difficulty calming after he is startled, he’s definitely anxious. Some dogs may show […]