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In general, vomiting in dogs and cats stem from irritability in the gastro-intestinal tract. However, many cases of vomiting in pets go undiagnosed. In cats, it is usually caused by ingesting hairballs. Sometimes, it may be caused by ingesting food too fast or from eating a new food source. Conditions such as obstruction in the […]

Hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms are the four worm parasites that infect canines. Parasites are transmitted through dog feces, so keeping your dog away from places where other dogs may have pooped is one way of preventing an infection of this kind. Keeping your dog’s environment clean is absolutely essential. Although you might enjoy walking […]

Pets like dogs need to be constantly protected, because they are easily inflicted with injury and disease by the other microorganisms in the environment. To reduce the risk of sickness in your dogs and other pets, you should deworm them while they are young. This is done to remove and prevent parasite build-up in their […]

Parasites and your Dog

February 5th, 2013

Montis is my working sheep dog, I enjoy seeing how it runs like crazy full of energy  in the grass. I always keep giving Montis its parasites preventative to ensure its wellness. I use Drontal Plus, it was recommended from my vet and works really well. If anybody use the same I will welcome any […]