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Thyroid problems in dogs can have a negative effect on their health, particularly with metabolism. Most often, thyroid symptoms in dogs are inherited,which makes them difficult to treat. Sometimes these symptoms are a side effect of medications. It is imperative that canines get early treatment to alleviate symptoms. Thyroid problems can be traced to too […]

Urinary tract infections are a result of bacteria infiltrating the host’s urethra – in this case your pet. This is also a cause for painful symptoms. Bladder infections may occur from a previous history of illness and is found commonly in dogs in the first couple of months and from the age of two to […]

For the general welfare of your pet, vaccinations offer protection from a variety of disease conditions. However, in some cases, like the yeast skin infections, medicines such as ketoconazole can have some side effects. However, the benefits of vaccination for serious diseases far outweigh the side effects that are mostly temporary. In some cases, side […]

If your dog or horse is injured on a farm, the first thing to do would be to locate internal injuries and wounds to the best of your ability. If there is a serious injury like bleeding or a wound that cannot be fixed, it is best to take the animal to a vet. In […]