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If your dog or horse is injured on a farm, the first thing to do would be to locate internal injuries and wounds to the best of your ability. If there is a serious injury like bleeding or a wound that cannot be fixed, it is best to take the animal to a vet. In […]

Arthritis is not a kind of illness that is exclusive to human beings. The simple truth is that your beloved dogs can also get ittoo. The worst is that they suffer from this kind of illness. Arthritis cause them great pain and inflammation, that hinders them from doing things that they want. This includes running, […]

Degenerative Joint Disease

March 25th, 2013

If you suspect that your dog is suffering from degenerative joint disease, rimadyl is an anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug that does not contain steroids. This will take care of your dog’s pain and arthritic inflammation. It can alleviate symptoms of degenerative joint diseases. Make sure you obtain a prescription from your vet before administering the drug. […]

Dogs commonly run with their owners; they run for tennis balls, sticks, and frisbees. Although this is a very ordinary dog activity, some of these can potentially cause problems. Issues vary from different breeds of dogs. The most common problems are in the joints, due to Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears and osteoarthritis. These give pain […]